Real Prophet of the Truth

Last week I had my first natal chart reading with Mila. The information she shared with me about my soul path was like she knew me my whole life. She could’ve tell exactly what I am going through and what I’m facing at the moment. I have experienced Mila as a real Prophet of the Truth, a helper of my soul on her journey. I felt her like my wise spiritual teacher that is direct and honest for the sake of higher good. I really recommend her to anyone that wants to truly understand their souls journey and see the higher perspective in their life. ~Katerina

I gained so much clarity!

I recently did a reading with Mila and I was amazed at how much I learnt about myself. Mila was able to describe so much about who I have been up to now accurately, she raised a few things that I had not shared with anyone before and all from my birth chart. It was good to understand why things in my life have unfolded the way they did and the exciting years I have ahead of me. This experience helped me to realise that there are many external influences that impact how events on your life unfold and your birth chart is without a doubt one of them. I am so grateful to Mila for all the work she put into the reading. Her energy was lovely and I truly recommend her services.

What an Experience!

Having a reading with Mila is like being in a whirlwind of synchronicities and downloads. Mila taps into something beyond your birth chart and channels a message straight from your higher self. Mila artfully walked me through my soul’s intention for incarnating, the information I received during my reading is invaluable and will help guide me for years to come.
~ Alexis Butts

Illumination of Past Patterns

“I had a very enlightening reading with Mila which brought many profound insights about the changes I have been feeling on an internal level as well as in my physical reality over the past few years. Her interpretations illuminated past patterns that I feel ready to break out of. I’m still receiving many “ah-ha” moments reflecting back on Mila’s messages. It’s giving me a greater sense of confidence to step into my authenticity, working with the energies of my chart. Thank you Mila! Your passion for evolutionary astrology is infectious, impactful and inspiring 🙂 ” ~Shikha

Such a Gem!

Hi everyone! I had a Birth chart reading with Mila and it blew my mind with all the information she knew about me and my life! Such a gem, very nice to interact with and really an expert at her craft. Would highly recommend this evolutionary astrologer! xx
~Jane Dinsdale

Very Special and Unique

I cannot recommend Mila highly enough. She really knows her subject and is very intuitive as well as knowledgeable. Her confidence shines through during the reading and she is like a detective putting all the pieces together to make a beautiful picture. You can see the love she has for astrology and this I believe, makes her readings very special and unique. She is also a lovely person, she’s very caring and immediately puts you at your ease. She is sensitive and respectful of the trust you place in her. I found the reading really accurate and very helpful, it all made sense and there were many “a-ha” moments. Thank you so much Mila, I wish you all the best going forward.
~Tracy Eden

Inner Knowing

Thank you very much for the explanation of the astrology! It was very helpful and educational. I have realized many things that I subconsciously knew, but I had to hear them from someone else. You have a wonderful gift and I wish all the best of luck to you in your journey!
~Barbora Kuricova

A Complete Eye-Opener

Just had a very insightful reading. Everything was explained and shown. A complete eye opener and made a lot of sense about what’s is going on in my life. Mila was so lovely and helpful and really listened to what I was saying. Greatly appreciated and I definitely do highly recommend to anyone. THANK YOU!
~Andrea Douglass

Guided Towards New Possibilities

I was feeling I needed to receive some guide in different areas of my life, and arranged a couple of sessions with Moonlight Soul. I am blessed and thankful for the guidance I received with Moonlight Soul through Mila. She puts her heart, intuition and love into the astral readings she offers. It helped me to open my mind and spirit to new possibilities, to understand some aspects of my life and guided me to open new doors in my relationships and my life in general.
~Rocio Solana RedStar