Honest Authentic Reading

If you are looking for honest, authentic, and empowering divine guidance, book a session with Mila right now! She is incredibly personable, friendly, and easy to talk to and understand. She makes astrology very intuitive, and conveys what your soul is learning or wanting to learn at this time. Her energy emanates such an uplifting and powerful radiance that makes you feel seen, heard, and supported. I was aware of many things Mila brought up during the natal chart reading, but the way she explained everything using her own essence completely changed how I perceived this information. It felt like Mila ripped a band-aid off but conveyed what I needed to hear in an incredibly nurturing way. She is most definitely a spiritual warrior-ess, and I felt that strong and energizing vibe during our time together. She does not tell you what to do but offers guidance to empower you as a soul, and to tap into your own innate wisdom. I look forward to working with Mila again and highly recommend booking sessions. Mil gracias Mila! ~Christine